Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Windshield Calibration?

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Windshield Calibration?

In the past, replacing a windshield was a quick and simple job for technicians. However, with the rise of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the process has become more complex. Now, specialized computer equipment is needed to properly calibrate your vehicle’s ADAS system after your vehicle’s windshield has been replaced. This greatly increases the amount of time the replacement takes—and it increases the cost. 

Read on to learn more about ADAS and whether the cost of windshield calibration is covered by insurance. 

What is ADAS?

Your vehicle’s ADAS includes collision avoidance, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and other safety features—some of which are integrated into your windshield. Modern windshields are equipped with cameras; some of the latest models also have radar sensors in the front grille and ultrasonic components in the bumpers. 

Replacing a windshield can cause the ADAS components to become misaligned, which is why they need to be recalibrated during the process. Failing to recalibrate a camera after replacing a windshield can mean the difference between staying safely in your lane or veering into oncoming traffic. 

How Much Does Windshield Calibration Cost—And Is It Covered by Insurance?

The cost of windshield calibration can vary depending on several factors (including the model of the vehicle and the specific calibrations that are needed) but it can be expensive, potentially exceeding $599 or more.

Although most insurers cover the cost of windshield calibration for drivers whose policies cover broken glass, it’s always best to confirm this with your insurance provider. It’s important to note that while windshield calibration may not be covered by insurance, the cost of actually replacing the windshield will be covered. Ultimately, whether windshield calibration is covered for your vehicle will depend on the terms of your policy. 

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