Windshield Replacement Kent WA

Are you looking for quality windshield replacement in Kent WA? Whatever kind of vehicle you drive, if you have a lifted truck or a gas-efficient hybrid, a speedy sports car or a minivan, it needs to be safe. If your windshield is cracked, it’s time for a new windshield. The professionals at Lucky Dog Auto Glass can help you with top quality windshield replacement.

Quality windshield replacement by Lucky Dog Auto Glass in Kent WA increases your safety on the road. Cracked glass can impair vision, reflect sunlight glare, dangerously spider, or even shatter under temperature and pressure changes. The windshield provides supplementary support for the roof of your vehicle if it flips or crashes. It also acts as a backboard when airbags deploy; airbags bounce off the windshield to protect you in an accident. Windshields are crucial to driver and passenger safety. Don’t wait for a new windshield, contact the experts to fix your auto glass.

Windshields: A Crucial Part of Vehicle Safety

As the car industry has evolved, so have windshields. They do far more than merely shield us from the wind and rain now. Windshields offer support to the roof in case of rollover, many have UV layers now to protect from the sun’s damaging rays, and with the ubiquitous use of seat belts starting the 1990s, they now act as a directional mechanism for airbags, ensuring airbags deploy correctly. It’s important that your new windshield is not only high quality, but is installed correctly as well. If a windshield is not installed properly, it could fall out in the case of an accident, offering no protection. The windshield failing can have a catastrophic effect on safety protections like airbags and the roof. Fortunately, the technicians at Lucky Dog Auto Glass are experienced, knowledgeable, and offer the best windshield replacement in Kent WA. Stop by to see for yourself today.

We are trained in replacing windshields that feature Forward Alert Systems, ADAS Systems and Lane Departure Alert Systems.

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