Lucky Dog Auto Glass is Insurance Approved!

Lucky Dog Auto Glass is approved by all insurance companies to repair and/or replace your auto glass. What does this mean? It means we provide high quality auto glass workmanship and have experience working with all major insurance companies. We can help you with your insurance company. If you have PEMCO insurance, we are able to initiate and file the claim from start to finish. This total insurance coordination saves you time and hassle – all you have to do is bring your vehicle in to the shop! We also have years of experience working with other insurance providers. Once you’ve verified policy and loss information, we can take over the claim and complete the work.

Replacements and Repairs Are Covered By Comprehensive Insurance

An auto glass claims falls under the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance. You are responsible for that deductive at the time of service for replacement. Comprehensive deductibles in Washington range from $0 – $1500. Look at your insurance policy to see what your comprehensive deductible is. Most insurance companies will waive the deductible for rock chip repair and usually cover the cost of at least one repair. Talk to your insurance – your windshield repair ensures clear vision for safe driving, saves the crack from spidering, and may be free to you!

Make Your Own Choice

Insurance companies or auto glass networks may try to send you to one shop without letting you make your own choice. Examples of this include call center personnel pretending they’ve never heard of your selected auto glass shop or asking unrelated questions to distract you and wear down your patience. This is called insurance steering and it is illegal! You are free to pick the auto glass shop of your choice. When looking for an auto glass shop, you deserve a facility that provides the best service, completes work to manufacturer repair/replacement specifications, and guarantees their work. It is your vehicle and your choice. At Lucky Dog Auto Glass, we know that the product matters. The installation matters. Your safety matters. And that’s why we offer the best auto glass repair and replacement around.

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