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Car, Truck, and SUV window problems solved!

Do you have a problem with your car, truck, or SUV door windows?:

  • My window fell off the track
  • My window went down or fell into the door and won’t go back up
  • My window won’t go up all the way
  • My window goes up and down super slow
  • My window clicks or stutters going up or down
  • My window makes a grinding noise when I press the window up/down button

Your window problems are as good as solved! Lucky Dog Auto Glass can repair your car, truck, or SUV windows back to factory condition. We will do an initial diagnosis to isolate the problem and solve it using premium parts and technical expertise.

The door glass mechanical mechanisms in most vehicles built these days are prone to wear and tear and will eventually fail. Over many years of experience, we have learned and trained ourselves in what to look for in order to solve these problems.

Auto side window stuck or making a noise?

If your car window all of a sudden falls down into the door and you hear a grinding noise when you press the button, then 99% of the time, this is a result of a failed cable drive regulator. These systems fail for several reasons, including, but not limited to, debris getting caught up in the spindle that the motor fits into, additional stress on the cable from extreme cold or freezing temperatures, or broken glass that may have stuck to the grease on the cable from a previous break-in or vandalism that wasn’t removed. Sometimes the attachments at the bottom of the glass will come off putting undo stress on the lifting mechanism that will cause them to fail as well.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass will typically replace the entire window mechanism with all new parts when available so that we aren’t pairing old parts with new ones. This helps reduce the risk of premature failure in the future and saves you money in the long run.

For all of your vehicle door window glass needs call the company with the experience and expertise you can trust. Lucky Dog Auto Glass is on your side and happy to help! Call now to schedule your window repair.

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