Why ADAS Systems Are Important To Your Safety

What is ADAS? (Driver Assistance Systems)

Most modern vehicles now feature ADAS in some form. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and they can refer to any safety systems in your vehicle that work to avoid collisions and alert the driver to potential issues. You may not even realize you have ADAS, but is your vehicle equipped with collision avoidance systems, automatic braking, integrated GPS, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, or Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls? Then you have ADAS. These systems have adapted over time to allow for a smoother, safer driving experience. From warning drivers when leaving lanes to automatic braking to prevent collisions, when used properly these features can reduce accidents.

ADAS and Your Windshield

ADAS use technology to make your driving experience easier and safer, so it’s a good thing they are becoming more widely available. It turns out there are several ADAS features that can interact with your windshield. This includes a light sensor that triggers automatic headlights, a rain sensor that triggers automatic windshield wipers, a heads up display that projects onto the windshield, a heated windshield that melts ice and snow, and night vision that allows you to see hot spots in the road.

As cars get smarter and smarter, it’s important for people fixing cars to get smarter as well! If your vehicle is getting maintenance or repairs, it’s important for you to know about the features on your car because you will need to ensure that anyone who works on your vehicle is knowledgeable and well-equipped. If a rock chips your front windshield, you want to ensure that not only is the glass repaired, but any systems that may connect to your windshield are correctly calibrated and functional. These are amazing systems that can help you drive safer, but if they are not correctly hooked up, then they can’t work. Make sure your car or truck’s ADAS systems are fully operational by trusting an auto glass shop that uses state of the art equipment and the finest materials while staying updated on the latest technologies and safety measures. Whatever kind of vehicle you have, you can trust Lucky Dog Auto Glass to safely and properly fix your auto glass.

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