Windshield Repair Kent WA

Do you still need windshield repair in Kent WA? Lucky Dog Auto Glass is conveniently located and available to fix your windshield chip or crack. It can be dangerous to drive with a damaged windshield, especially in inclement weather, as it can lead to decreased visibility. We offer professional auto glass repairs on windshields and windows. Whether you have small chips in your windshield, need a complete replacement, or your windows are having trouble going up and down, we can help. Our attention to detail ensures your windshield is repaired or installed properly.

Get Professional Windshield Repair

Trust the experts to handle your windshield repair in Kent WA. Our trained auto technicians take the time to safely and properly fix and repair all auto glass. We have the professional staff on hand to do jobs thoroughly and correctly – for example having two people install a windshield as opposed to one. We do not take any shortcuts to save a few minutes. Instead, we take the time, staff, and quality tools to make sure the job is done properly. Lucky Dog Auto Glass also has a long standing policy of honesty and integrity. We are honest with our customers about the needed repairs and what they will cost. You can rely on our shop for fair pricing, quality work, and outstanding customer service.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass is proud to offer windshield repair in Kent WA. Our professional facility will work to fix your windshield chip. If a chip is smaller than a quarter, we are typically able to repair your windshield. If we are unable to fix the damage, we will replace the windshield efficiently and affordably. Our goal is always to offer the best customer service. This includes being honest with customers about repairs needed, doing quality work, offering fair prices, and being passionate about client service. That’s what makes Lucky Dog the perfect place to fix your windshield crack or handle any auto glass issues.


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