Windshield Repair Covington WA

Why go to Lucky Dog Auto Glass when you need to fix a windshield chip in Covington? Because our auto glass professionals work to repair your windshield, as opposed to replace! What’s the benefit of windshield repair? There are so many advantages! For starters, many insurance companies approve windshield repair and even waive your deductible. Because you are not replacing the glass, you save the insurer, and most importantly yourself, money. It also saves time. Windshield replacement takes longer and breaks the original seal of the windshield. It takes time and precision to replace the glass and ensure that the seal is perfect. We can often fix your windshield within an hour.

Stop the Windshield Crack Before it Travels

It’s important to fix your windshield chip in Covington before it becomes bigger. A typical windshield repair with Lucky Dog Auto Glass will improve the appearance of the chipped glass by about 80-90%. Small dings can become practically undetectable. This repair will also stop the crack or chip from spreading across your windshield. Regain your visibility and uphold the structural integrity of your windshield with our expert help. Our professional auto glass technicians are thoroughly trained in the proper procedures to repair and replace windshields and windows. So, whether you need a crack in your windshield fixed, you’re having trouble with the windows of your vehicle going up and down, or you need a total windshield replacement, we have you covered. Rely on our facility for all your auto glass needs.

There are many benefits of having Lucky Dog Auto Glass fix your windshield chip in Covington. Bring your vehicle to our nearby Kent facility or call to schedule an appointment. We are dedicated to stopping chips and cracks in their tracks!

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