Window Replacement for Smart Vehicles

As cars rely more and more on computer technology, every component becomes more advanced. This includes the windshield! Recently we replaced the windshield in a 2015 GMC Acadia equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System and Heads Up Display. Because this vehicle was equipped with LDWS, it required dealer glass. An aftermarket windshield would not work properly. We advocated for the customer with the insurance company and ultimately won. The dealer glass is critical to ensure the system will correctly calibrate and the vehicle is safe to drive.

Window Replacement for Smart Vehicles

The Importance of Professional Auto Glass Installation

As you can see in the photos, there are close ups of the camera system, bracket, and attachments on the glass. These parts allow the LDWS system to work. Without the right glass and proper installation, the system could fail. It is always important to have proper auto glass replacement. For drivers with an LDWS or similar system, it is even more important to find a trusted repair center. This case is an example of why it is important to seek out professionals for auto glass replacement. Without thorough knowledge of auto glass, an inexperienced person may put in generic glass or install it incorrectly. Both scenarios could be potentially dangerous for the driver and passengers.

New windshield

When we receive any vehicle, we prep the body for the new glass. This includes removing all contaminants, chemically burning off release agents, and priming any bare metal to eliminate corrosion and provide a bonding surface for the new windshield. As a courtesy to our customers, we vacuum out vehicles to make sure they are cleaner than when they were brought in. Every cowl (the top portion of the front part of the auto body) is removed so there isn’t a risk of bond failure, air, or a water leak. The photos of this GMC Acadia show the result of all the hard work we put in – a totally redone, safe, and fully functional windshield!

GMC Acadia

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