Travelers Insurance Auto Glass Repair

If you have Travelers Insurance and need auto glass repair, there’s only one place to go! Lucky Dog Auto Glass offers high quality repair and replacement on windshields and windows. As an insurance approved auto glass shop, we are accustomed to working with insurance providers to ensure your claim goes smoothly and you receive the auto glass service you need. Our team of qualified and experienced auto glass technicians provide customers with outstanding windshield repair, window replacement, windshield replacement, and other auto glass services.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass has years of experience working with Travelers Insurance to provide top-tier auto glass repair after accidents, break-ins, and collisions. The insured driver has to begin the claim with Travelers Insurance for windshield replacement or other services, and once the claim has been started we will work with your insurance company to finish the rest. Our experience in the industry and relationship with insurance companies means that your claim can get taken are of easily and quickly. The benefit of coming to a locally owned and operated auto glass shop is our service. We pride ourselves on customer service and make sure to treat each customer with the same helpfulness and professionalism we would extend to our friends and neighbors.

A Local Business Focused on Quality Auto Glass Work

One way we offer our clients top-notch customer service is by ensuring we take the necessary time, follow proper procedures, and use the best materials when completing your auto glass repair or replacement. If your windshield has only a small crack or chip, we will work with Travelers Insurance on your auto glass repair claim. We can repair small chips in the glass so they are nearly invisible to the naked eye, allowing you a full range of vision while driving. If the damage to your windshield is more extensive (for example: a crack spidering across the glass or a chip larger than a quarter), we can replace the windshield. Our experienced crew always make sure a perfect seal is achieved so wet and windy weather never gets inside and the structural integrity of the vehicle is upheld. Travelers Insurance drivers can trust Lucky Dog for a thorough windshield replacement. You can rely on us for comprehensive quotes, professional interactions, and quality workmanship. Call us at 253-569-9403 today to make an appointment for auto glass work.

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