Top 3 Reasons to Trust A Repair Shop for Your Windshield Replacement

Trust A Repair Shop for Your Windshield ReplacementIf you have a crack in your windshield and it needs replacement, you may be tempted to call a service that will come to you. Mobile services are convenient, however there is a downside to that convenience. By coming to a fully equipped auto glass facility, you can ensure your vehicle receives the best windshield replacement.

Here are our top 3 reasons to trust a repair shop as opposed to a mobile service:

  1. A professional auto glass facility is a controlled environment. Even in good weather, contaminants can get into glue and other elements of the installation. Landscapers completing work, wind, passing vehicles, and other disruptions can stir up contaminants that will adversely affect windshield installation.
  2. Not all parts work perfectly in every installation. It’s possible to receive defective glass that isn’t a perfect fit. This leaves the installer with a tough choice: either install the less than perfect auto glass or leave your windshield out overnight. Unlike a mobile service, we can take the time to find the absolute best fit for you when your car is parked inside our shop. Our repair shop sends back defective parts on an almost daily basis. Many vehicles often have as many 10 or 12 different windshield options available! Bringing your car to Lucky Dog avoids an additional trip charge if the windshield is incorrect. If you are in the shop, we can reorder the windshield and usually complete the installation the same day. The important difference is we take the time to make sure you receive a perfectly-fitting windshield.
  3. A mobile service doesn’t necessarily have all the right tools. A mobile service is restricted by space; they can’t carry every part, tool, and piece of equipment. However, our repair shop specializes in auto glass repair and replacement. We take workmanship seriously; we only use the best materials and we have all the tools that we need in our shop to handle any issue that may arise during your windshield installation.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass is proud to offer quality windshield replacements in our auto glass facility. In our controlled environment, using the proper materials and procedures, we make sure a perfect seal is achieved every time. Get the best windshield replacement for your vehicle by visiting our facility. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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