Tips You Need to Know When Shipping Your Vehicle in Seattle

Are you shipping your vehicle via the Port of Seattle? Many people choose to ship their vehicles when moving. For example, people moving from Seattle to Alaska commonly ship their vehicles. Many people also find when moving to Northern or Southern California that shipping their vehicle is the best choice for transport. There are different methods of shipping, such as paying for an individual shipping container. This is an extremely expensive option that is generally reserved for exotic cars.

The most common shipping method is called roll-on/roll-off, or RORO. This is for vehicles that can be driven or rolled on and off the ship. Your car must be in drivable condition, otherwise you will incur a fee to have it towed onto the ship. There is less protection with RORO than a shipping container, but it is significantly cheaper. When shipping your vehicle roll-on/roll-off, it will be exposed to the weather, including rain, hail, and wind. For this reason, the Port of Seattle will not accept vehicles to ship that have a broken windshield. This is to protect them from liability issues and to protect your vehicle from damage.

Shipping your Vehicle

If you are planning on shipping your vehicle via the Port of Seattle, but it has broken auto glass, it will need to be fixed before boarding the boat. Whether it’s a cracked windshield or a broken window, Lucky Dog Auto Glass can help! We will repair or replace your windshield to ensure it has a perfect seal, which protects your vehicle interior from the weather. An imperfect seal or a crack in glass can lead to damage inside, such as mold. Protect your vehicle and make sure it is safe to ship by bringing it to our auto glass shop!

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