Tips On How to Rain Proof Your Windshield

Windshield wipers from inside car

The windshield of your vehicle is important. Not only does it help protect you and your passengers during an accident, but it also offers protection from debris and myriad weather elements.

One of those weather elements is rain. However, to prevent leaks and a wet interior, it’s necessary to rainproof your windshield—and the skilled and professional team at Lucky Dog Auto Glass are going to give you tips on how to do just that!

Specifically, there are three ways to effectively rainproof your windshield.

#1 Avoid Cheap Wiper Blades

You’ve heard the expression, “You get what you pay for.” Regarding wiper blades, you get what you pay for, so avoid purchasing cheaper ones. When choosing a blade, look for products that deliver even pressure, as they will make a clean sweep across your windshield and not leave streaks.

Additionally, don’t wait to replace the blades when they start to disintegrate, but before this occurs. You’ll need good wiper blades, especially during a heavy rainstorm.

#2 Find a Good Glass Treatment

It’s important to find a good glass treatment to apply to your windshield. There are a variety of products to choose from on the market today. The main factor to consider is the chemicals found in the glass treatment. Some chemicals will last longer than others.

Depending on your budget, you can find a glass treatment product that is more resistant to wiper wear down, lasting six to eight months, or one that lasts four to six weeks. Whichever you choose, just make sure not to use a product that will leave your windshield with a frosted glass appearance. This will make driving difficult and compromise your safety.

#3 Keep Your Windshield Clean

Before applying any kind of waterproofing product to your windshield, make sure that the windshield is clean. This will help guarantee adherence and performance. You can rinse the glass and clean it with an alcohol based window cleaner and paper towel—just make sure that you wash off all the glass cleaner when you’re done. Then, dry the windshield with a microfiber towel and apply the waterproofing product as directed.

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Heavy Equipment Windshield Replacement

Exhaust Tube Of Earth Mover

Heavy-duty equipment like bulldozers, semi-trucks, backhoes, excavators, and tractors are built to withstand extreme conditions. They are exposed to the elements as well as rough work environments with flying debris. These vehicles are equipped with durable glass, but they still require check-ups. We recommend fleet managers and business owners look over their machinery at least once a year to check for breaks, chips, and cracks.

The glass in an excavator and other machinery protects the operator from airborne debris. Unlike cars that mostly drive on paved, flat roads, heavy-duty equipment drives over rocks, metal, stones, and construction sites where they can sustain damages from flying materials. The glass acts as a shield to ensure the driver can safely operate the machinery. If it’s cracked, it can impair the driver’s field of vision, which is dangerous.

Protect Your Workers from this Safety Risk

Unfortunately, small chips in the windshield glass can become large cracks and breaks, which are expensive and difficult to replace. We recommend checking for – and repairing – any small cracks and chips before they turn into bigger problems. Different machinery has different types of glass. Lucky Dog Auto Glass can replace tempered, laminated, and flat glass.

While it can seem time-consuming to pause operations for window glass replacement, it is necessary for the safety and continued efficiency of your equipment. Imagine the delays if the crack turns into a break or if the driver accidentally runs something over. We work with your schedule to minimize down time. All repaired glass meets the Auto Glass Safety Council standards (Auto Glass Safety Council™ (

We understand that every piece of machinery is unique. We’ve got you totally covered with customized solutions for your equipment’s needs. Most importantly, we are focused on the quality of glass and installation. With Lucky Dog, your safety comes first. We take the necessary time to ensure the glass replacement is done correctly to ensure the safety of your workers. Our work lasts because we believe strongly that the product, installation, service, and your safety matters.

Don’t get stuck with long machinery down times or unsafe broken glass. Rely on Lucky Dog Auto Glass for your commercial, heavy-duty glass replacement.

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