Can Cold Weather Make a Crack in Your Windshield Worse?

Smashed Windscreen

Whether you have a small crack starting or a larger crack you’ve been watching slowly spread, windshield cracks are a serious concern. Windshields provide approximately 30% of a vehicle’s structural support and they play a huge role in protecting you and your passengers in the event of a rollover accident. Although these types of accidents aren’t very common, they account for 35% of passenger fatalities – so a sturdy, structurally sound windshield is vitally important. Unfortunately, cold temperatures can make cracks worse and decrease the safety of your vehicle.

How Does Cold Weather Affect the Glass?

Windshield glass is affected by changes in temperature – it expands and contracts. So if it’s really cold outside, the glass in the windshield will become more concave, which puts stress on damaged areas, like chips or cracks. This can lead to cracks in the windshield expanding horizontally. The Motor Industry Research Association found that once the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a windshield is 60% more likely to spread. If the temperature reaches 14 degrees Fahrenheit, the chances of the crack spreading go up to 80%.

To make matters worse, using your defroster on a cold winter day can add additional stress to the glass (and increase the chance of the crack spreading) because of the drastic difference in temperature between the outside of the glass and the interior.

Can I Get the Crack Repaired?

A repair may be possible if the damage isn’t too deep and the crack is less than three inches long. It’s best to address cracks as soon as possible because that increases the likelihood that you’ll only need a repair, rather than a complete windshield replacement. Waiting until a crack is so large that it affects your visibility isn’t only unsafe; it’s more than likely going to cost significantly more than taking care of a small crack – and you may be at risk for a citation, too.

If you’ve noticed cracks or chips in your windshield, contact Lucky Dog Auto Glass at 253-569-9403 for a free estimate! We’re happy to evaluate the damage and let you know whether it can be repaired or if a full replacement would be the safer option.

Safe for a Rainy Day: The Top Windshield Treatment for Your Vehicle

Do you ever struggle to see out your windshield when it’s raining? Maybe you’ve noticed that the morning fog and leftover road grit create a streaky sludge that even brand new wiper blades can’t keep up with? It can be a frustrating experience, but more importantly, it can be downright dangerous.

Land Rover Auto Glass

Though there are different types of window treatments on the market, only a glass coating engineered to bond with the silica in your windshield produces clear visibility through rain and mud. At Lucky Dog Auto Glass, we’ve had great results with what we consider the best product on the market, GlassParency.

The hydrophobic protection of GlassParency increases visibility in rain and snow. It improves the optical clarity of your windshield, reducing both night and daytime glare. In addition to keeping you and your passengers safer, it keeps the glass pristine and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Other Alternatives

There are other types of treatments out there; although they work, their performance is much more limited. These are:

  • Silicone-based—This option is the cheapest but is least effective. It sits on the top of the surface. While it does repel water, it needs to be re-applied frequently, so it’s best in dryer regions, such as the Southwest. An example of this is Rain-X Yellow windshield treatment, which is specifically designed to work with the company’s windshield blades.
  • Fluorinated-based—A mid-range option that is best for areas where rainfall is average, such as the Midwest. Its signature feature is water beading, allowing water to easily roll off the glass. AQUAPEL is a good fluorinated-based treatment, and though it lasts longer than silicone-based products, it does not bond with the glass, allowing grit and grime to set up shop on your glass.

GlassParency works best because although your glass seems smooth, it’s actually filled with craters, hills, and valleys. We apply the treatment to your windshield in a three-step process. The first is to cleanse the pores and ensure the glass is free of contaminants to improve the bonding process. Next, we apply the first chemical, which reacts to the silica and grows a substrate within the pores of the glass. A second chemical then combines with the first to form a barrier that even bugs, dirt, and mud can’t stick to.

Better vision? A more aesthetically pleasing appearance? Lasting three years with just one application? No wonder we’re stoked to share this nano-technological advancement with you! When it comes to windshield treatment, repair, or replacement, there’s only one dog in Kent, and that’s Lucky Dog Auto Glass. Give us a call today at 253-569-9403.

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