ADAS Calibration Cost

How Much Does ADAS Calibration Cost?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a form of automated driver assistance technology that helps keep you safe while driving. This includes lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and forward collision warning. 

ADAS features, which are found in nearly every late-model vehicle, rely on a network of sensors and cameras located throughout the vehicle to monitor the road around it–including the windshield. Anytime you have work performed on the midline of your vehicle (including replacing the windshield), you’ll need to have this system calibrated. 

So, if you need calibration services, you’re likely wondering how much car calibration costs. Here’s a closer look at why calibrating your ADAS safety system is so important and how it can unexpectedly increase the overall cost of your windshield replacement.

How Does ADAS Work and why is Calibration Needed?

ADAS systems first began in the 1970s with antilock brakes, but more recently they’ve expanded to include features like: 

  • Lane departure warning systems
  • Forward or rear collision warning systems
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems 
  • Intersection assistants
  • Parking assistance
  • Head-up displays
  • 360-degree camera systems

These features are designed to alert drivers to potential hazards, or in some cases, make automated adjustments to avoid a collision. Not all cars are equipped with the same features, but if you have a vehicle that’s 8 years old or newer, you likely have ADAS systems that will need to be calibrated when your windshield is replaced. 

Each of these systems relies on cameras, sensors, RADAR, LIDAR, and other technology to monitor the road around your vehicle. These components are very sensitive and need to be precisely positioned and calibrated to provide accurate real-time data needed for ADAS to work properly. 

So if a sensor is off by even the smallest of measurements, it can translate to a misreading of feet on the road–which could very well mean the difference between avoiding a collision and getting into one. 

Car Calibration Costs

As you might imagine, ADAS calibration cost can increase the overall cost of windshield replacements. While a typical windshield replacement may have a cost around $300 in the past, newer windshields may cost anywhere from $600 to $1500 to replace, based on the vehicle model and how many ADAS components are located in the windshield. Calibration can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. 

Many insurance companies cover ADAS calibration costs for drivers who have full coverage. However, it’s highly recommended to review your policy to understand whether your insurance will cover the expense. At Lucky Dog Auto Glass, we work with all insurance companies and can walk you through the claims process; we also provide free estimates that can help you know what to expect when it comes to forward facing camera sensor calibration costs

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