Rock Chip Repair, Truths & Myths

The mystery about rock chip repair, is this a legit art or a pointless scam…

For years the auto glass industry has been plagued with people who have been taken advantage of when it comes to repairing their windshield. Unfortunately the auto glass industry is poorly regulated and will allow anyone to repair a windshield. A lot of the time this knowledge is sold to the person who’s claiming to do the “repair” as an easy way for them to make money. All they have to do is purchase a kit online for a couple hundred dollars and watch a video and poof they’re ready to go into business for themselves…right? Wrong, this does happen but after making several mistakes and being cancelled by the insurance companies due to lack of knowledge, breaking more windshields than they repair, and a poor insurance rating they go out of business and you’ll never find them again. Buyer beware, there is a difference between a qualified repair technician and one who isn’t! Windshield repair is a serious business and should be respected as one.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass has invested the time and money into pioneering state of the art repair equipment to ensure that every repair is done within specifications with ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard) and the NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association). This certification is essential in understanding the anatomy of a rock chip and how to properly repair it correctly the first time! After all if it’s not done right the first time there’s no going back.

Another unfortunate truth that I see a lot of the time is someone who tells me that they just had their windshield repaired and after a quick inspection I find out that nothing was repaired and the “technician” simply took the money and ran. This breaks my heart to think that there are people out there intentionally taking advantage of people and thier ignorance. Lucky Dog Auto Glass vowes to uphold the highest moral standards in every transaction and this behavior would never be tolerated!

The bottom line is that NOBODY understands windshield and rock chip repair like Lucky Dog Auto Glass. For a quality repair from a company you can trust call us today for an appointment at 253-569-9403.

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