Mobile Windshield Replacement

Are you looking online for mobile windshield replacement? While mobile windshield replacement has been popularized in recent years as the convenient option, there are important safety and functionality issues to be considered when booking windshield replacement on site.

The Mobile Windshield Replacement You Can Trust

Many cars, trucks, and SUVs are now equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. ADAS allows drivers to be safer and avoid collisions on the road. They assist drivers with changing lanes safely, adaptive cruise control, parking, eliminating blind spots, and engaging the emergency brake as needed. These sophisticated systems offer immense value for drivers, but they also require professional recalibration when you need your windshield replaced. While proper installation is always important for safety when replacing your windshield, the ADAS makes it critical to your vehicle’s performance. The camera and other sensors much be reattached to the new windshield and carefully recalibrated to ensure the system works as designed.

As they become more and more common, having a professional auto glass facility that can complete windshield repairs and replacements for a vehicle with ADAS becomes more and more important. Mobile windshield replacement has been introduced to the industry as an alternative to taking your car into a facility. However, windshield replacement on site simply cannot replace the specialized equipment, tools, shelter, flexibility with time, and stability an auto glass repair shop provides. As your car becomes more sophisticated, your expectations for auto glass repair should rise as well. Lucky Dog Auto Glass provides expert windshield and auto glass repair in our Kent, WA facility. If you have a vehicle, with or without ADAS, we would be happy to help you with all glass repairs.

Windshield Repair When You Need It

We know you are looking for mobile windshield repairs because it’s convenient. We know you might work Monday-Friday 8 AM-5PM. That’s why we ensure it is as straightforward as possible to get your vehicle’s auto glass fixed with us. Here’s how:

  • We have an after-hours key drop, so you can drop off your car in the evening after work.
  • If you drop off a vehicle in the afternoon, we can keep it overnight.
  • We have after hours pickup with a drop box (we’ll give you a unique code) to pick up your vehicle.
  • You don’t have to sit and wait for your vehicle, we can arrange a ride.
  • We offer a windshield life time warranty.

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