Local Windshield Replacement Company vs National Competition

When you’re looking for a windshield or other auto glass replacement and repair, there are many options. There are national competitors, independent shops, and even pop up tents in the mall parking lot. You also have the option between hiring mobile auto glass repair businesses or bringing your vehicle to a specialized auto glass shop with a physical storefront.

Technicians Installing New Windshield

Mobile windshield installation was developed for convenience. After all, it’s nice to drive to work with a cracked windshield and leave for lunch with a brand new one installed. All while your vehicle stays in one spot. However, it is not a safe process. Unfortunately, mobile installation does not offer the same resources, equipment, or time for the installation to be completed properly.

Did you know that often, national installers receive their bonuses based on speed? Not quality. This is so the company makes more money, because they get more jobs done in one day. This is very risky, as glass installation is a complex process. At Lucky Dog, we take the time to ensure you have glass installed properly, and safely, the first time. Our number one priority as a business is making sure our customers are safe and happy.

Get True High Quality Windshield Replacement

Hiring a national company, you may notice that only one technician came out to install your glass. This is likely due to the shortage of qualified window replacement technicians in the market. However, a true quality windshield replacement will require at least two experienced auto glass technicians to complete. One person cannot adequately ensure the glass is aligned with the vehicle before installing it. Also, with mobile installation, who is there to check the installation for quality? At Lucky Dog, we follow specific steps and protocol to make sure your glass was installed and there will be no leaks or issues in the future.

Another benefit to using an independent shop versus a mobile company, is that if there ever is an issue with your auto glass installation, you have a store to take the vehicle back to, to address to problem. Whereas if you have a problem with a mobile company, its much more challenging to get ahold of the company who needs to repair the problem. We’ve heard many times that calls are not returned in this circumstance, and don’t want that to happen to you. To learn more about mobile windshield installation, check out this blog.

For a five-star auto glass experience you can count on, visit the experts at Lucky Dog Auto Glass. Give us a call today at (253)-569-9403. We look forward to providing all your auto glass needs.


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