Is Mobile Auto Glass Replacement Dangerous?

Is mobile auto glass replacement dangerous? The simple answer is yes, it is. Since mobile auto glass services are not regulated* and cannot offer the same stability, they may offer lower quality installation than a specialized auto glass shop. Unfortunately, this can have hazardous results. What makes mobile auto glass dangerous? That’s where the long answer comes in.

To start with, you should probably know what a mobile-installation service is. As the name suggests, it is an on-the-go repair service where the technician goes to the customer, rather than the other way around. On the surface, this all sounds great, right? You can get the same services at an increased level of convenience, so why wouldn’t you want to turn to a mobile service? Well, it is important to remember that convenient is not synonymous with quality, and the word “same” in this instance is only true on a very surface level. Mobile services come with numerous shortcomings which could seriously compromise the quality of service as well as the safety of a vehicle and its passengers.

Glass repair and replacement is a delicate process, and a lack of proper training and knowledge can severely impact the quality of work. It is not uncommon for a poorly trained technician to work without gloves, which could compromise the glue’s ability to properly bond as a result of the oil on the technician’s hands. There are various other concerns that a lack of training could cause including improper application of adhesive, a lack of proper prep and priming of the glass, the use of incorrect parts, the list goes on. It is also very common for mobile services to only have one technician to perform a replacement, which is a serious problem, as a lone technician simply cannot properly align a windshield with a vehicle.

Even if you get two mobile technicians with sufficient knowledge and training, there is another very important factor at play, the work environment. One of the most important aspects of glass installation is improvisation, the ability to adapt to different issues as you encounter them. Working in the field comes with many restrictions that inhibit a technician’s ability to adapt to whatever unique issues your vehicle may face. Certain tools simply cannot be transported in a mobile vehicle, so a lack of proper equipment is a very real possibility. A customer may not know the exact make or model of their car, so there is a chance that the technician might not even have the proper replacement parts. Certain issues can take longer periods of time to properly fix, so if your vehicle is exposed to certain elements there is a very real possibility that the end result will be shoddy, due to the need for the technician to rush the process.

Your vehicle’s windshield is an extremely important component of you and your passengers’ safety. A windshield that isn’t properly installed could result problems ranging from leaks all the way to your windshield actually popping out of the frame! The question of quality is ultimately what makes mobile auto glass replacement dangerous. If a windshield is improperly replaced, the seal may not be perfect. Without a perfect seal, the windshield can not adequately protect you and your passengers in an accident. Tragically, people have died because of shoddy auto glass workmanship. Protect yourself and everyone who travels in your vehicle with safe and professional auto glass repairs and replacement.

If you need glass replacement performed, then be sure to you go to a shop with a strong reputation and replacement guarantee. For those who have already received work from a mobile glass replacement service and have been experiencing issues or have concerns, feel to schedule an appointment with our team for an inspection of the work. Ensure your windshield and auto glass replacement is safe. Come see Lucky Dog Auto Glass.

*A lot of mobile glass shops exist because the auto glass industry is very poorly regulated allowing anyone to open a business without a storefront to work out of. While this significantly lowers overhead it also allows inferior practices. When something goes wrong with an installation and there isn’t a shop to return to you are banking on the fact that the installer will stand behind his work, when in reality there’s no easier way to avoid dealing with warranty work or simply ignoring a customer’s call. In no way am I saying all mobile operates this way, but I’ve heard of this time and time again from my customers.

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