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Winter is just around the corner which means that it is time to get your car “winterized” so that it can make it through the colder months. Experts say that with a little preventative maintenance, drivers could avoid hefty mechanic bills down the road.

“Something simple like a leaky radiator hose could cost maybe fifty dollars to repair but would cost fifteen-hundred dollars if it blows the head gasket or something. Most minor repairs will save you major money later on” said Walt Julian, instructor at Self Serve Garage.

Topping off fluids under the hood, checking belts and hoses and changing the oil are all important steps but making sure your windshield does not have cracks or chips is key to safety as well.

“A rock chip, ding or crack in your windshield is not just a cosmetic flaw, it’s actually a danger to yourself and other people on the road. The windshield makes up about 45%-60% of the structural integrity of the vehicle so if you were in a head-on collision or a rollover crash, it could potentially endanger your life” said Joe Koncikowski, Owner Lucky Dog Auto Glass.

Making sure you have the correct tires on your vehicle is another important step to safe winter driving. There are several options to choose from including all-weather tires, non-studded winter tires and traditional studded tires. Everyone is also advised to carry chains in the car.

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