How to Maintain Your Car’s Power Windows

Your car likely has power windows, making your driving experience easier and more convenient. Before technology, you had to use a lever to manually roll down—and up—your windows. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this advancement: Power window technology is at high risk for damage.

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However, to help you maintain the power window technology in your vehicle, the team at Lucky Dog Auto Glass in Kent, WA has put together a list of tips for you. Take a look! 

Don’t Overuse the Buttons 

It’s important to refrain from excessively using the power window buttons. Of course, use it to lower your window(s) when you want fresh air, and then raise it again once you’re done. Yet, to make your power windows more durable and last longer, only use them as needed. If used continuously, the potential for damage will increase. 

Keep the Window Glass Clean

Cleaning the window glass regularly can help your vehicle’s power windows last longer. If dirt or particles sit on the windows for long periods and then get inside the mechanism, a jam can occur. Keeping the window glass clean will not only help you avoid jams but can also prevent other types of damage, including rust. Make sure to use an appropriate glass cleaner and rag. 

Don’t Ignore the Condition of the Rubber 

Just like it’s necessary to keep the window glass clean, it’s also imperative to ensure the rubber around the windows is in good condition. Specifically, if this rubber starts to harden, consider replacing it, as this can cause trouble to your power windows and create scratches on the automobile. Additionally, the rubber can collect dirt and debris, which can also get inside the mechanism and cause a jam. 

Use Your Power Windows 

While it’s important to not overuse your windows, you still need to use them from time to time. If you don’t typically have passengers in the backseat, then the rear windows probably don’t get much attention. Power windows can become stuck if they’re not used for long periods. For the mechanical system to remain in good condition, it must be used. To avoid the windows becoming stuck, which can then lead to rust, use your power windows at least a few times a week. 

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