How to Avoid Broken Car Windows

Feelings of anger, violation, and confusion often arise after discovering the windows have been busted out of your automobile and your personal belongings are gone, stolen. Unfortunately, “smash and grabs” are becoming more and more common. However, it may be possible to prevent your vehicle from getting broken into by taking a few extra precautions. 

How To Avoid Broken Car Windows 1

At Lucky Dog Auto Glass in Kent WA, we’ve put together a list of tips for you to consider trying. Take a look! 

Keep All Valuables Hidden/Out of Sight 

You already know that if you have valuables in your vehicle, it’s necessary to keep them out of plain sight. Yet, some still make the careless mistake of leaving items like wallets, purses, cell phones, and shopping bags out in the open and unguarded. To avoid broken windows and stolen possessions, make sure to lock up anything of importance in the trunk or glove box of your car, or take these objects out of the automobile with you. 

Don’t Leave Your Car Running and Unattended 

We’re all guilty of having left our car running and unattended. This often occurs at a gas station or convenience store, when the errand seems quick, so quick, that turning the vehicle off doesn’t feel necessary. However, it’s impossible to gauge if or when a thief is waiting and watching. Leaving your automobile running and unattended puts you at risk of becoming a victim of car theft. Additionally, commercial drivers who leave their delivery vehicles running and unattended are at risk of losing not only the vehicle but the company’s tools and inventory. Bottom line: Never leave your car running and unattended, not even for a second. 

Be Mindful of Your Vehicle Purchase

If you want to be extremely safe, pay attention to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Hot Wheels list. This is a yearly list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in America. You can benefit from this information by purchasing an automobile, not on the list, an automobile that is less flashy and not as commonly stolen. Further, when you do buy a new vehicle, consider adding anti-theft devices or tracking systems. 

Lucky Dog Auto Glass Is Here for You! 

How To Avoid Broken Car Windows 2

While you can take every available precaution to keep your vehicle safe, some things are simply out of your control. In short, life happens. When life happens, or, more specifically, when you need auto glass replacement, you can always rely on Lucky Dog Auto Glass in Kent WA. 

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