How Do You Know If Your Windshield Needs Calibration?

How Do You Know If Your Windshield Needs Calibration?

If you own a newer vehicle (2016 or later) and it has features like lane assist, backup cameras, parking assist, adaptive cruise control, or lane departure warning, it’s important to know about ADAS calibration and its role in keeping you safe on the road—especially if you have your windshield replaced. 

What Is ADAS Calibration?

“ADAS” stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System, which refers to a variety of automation and assistance technologies used in vehicles to enhance driver safety and improve the overall driving experience. These features rely on sensors, cameras, radar, and LIDAR that are built into the body of the vehicle to provide real-time information about its surroundings. To provide accurate information, the cameras and sensors must be calibrated correctly. 

When you purchase a new vehicle with ADAS features, all the sensors and cameras will already be properly calibrated. However, there are several situations that can throw off the calibration, including windshield replacement. 

Determining Whether You Need ADAS Calibration

In most cases, you won’t need ADAS calibration if you’re getting a minor auto glass repair to fix issues like a small chip. Since these repairs typically only need a small amount of resin applied, they don’t interfere with the sensors or cameras in the windshield unless the damage is in the viewing window for the camera.

Windshield replacements will always require ADAS calibration. During the installation, the sensors and cameras attached to the auto glass will need to be removed and reinstalled onto the new glass. In addition, the process of removing and replacing the glass will impact the alignment and positioning of the ADAS components.

ADAS features rely on precise measurements to assist you while driving. Even something as small as a one-millimeter shift in the position of a camera or sensor can impact how these features function, so if you’re having any part or component replaced that includes ADAS components, or you’ve noticed any ADAS features don’t seem to be working as they should, it’s important to schedule an appointment for re-calibration as soon as possible. 

In addition to auto glass replacement, there are several other circumstances where you should have the system calibrated:

  • You’ve replaced your tires, but the ADAS features haven’t been recalibrated.
  • You were in an accident that could have impacted the alignment of the ADAS sensors or cameras.
  • You’ve installed aftermarket vehicle accessories.
  • You’ve recently had maintenance or repairs done on your brakes.
  • You have any suspension work done. 
    • Note that once there are any modifications that affect the ride height of the vehicle that are outside the vehicle manufacturers guidelines such as lift kits, leveling kits, suspension, air bags, rims, or tires may void any warranty that the vehicle will successfully calibrate. 

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