Get Your Windshield Replaced At A Dealership, Or Not?

Get Your Windshield Replaced At A Dealership, Or Not?

When you’re driving and suddenly hear the sharp crack of a rock hitting your windshield, resulting in a chip or crack, you know it’s something you can’t ignore. The next big question is: should you head to a dealership or opt for a local auto glass repair shop like Lucky Dog Glass? At Lucky Dog Glass, we provide you, our customer, with facts and guidance, so you can make an informed decision.

The Case for Dealerships

Dealerships are a common destination for car repairs and maintenance. When it comes to windshield replacements, they certainly have some advantages:

  1. OEM Parts: Dealerships often use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This means the glass will be the same as what was originally installed in your vehicle, which can be a crucial consideration for newer or luxury vehicles.
  2. Expertise with Your Vehicle Model: Technicians at the dealership are specifically trained to handle your make and model, ensuring a high standard of work.
  3. Warranty Alignment: Getting repairs at a dealership can help maintain your car’s warranty, especially if it’s a newer model.
  4. Outsource The Repair To A Local Specialist:  Dealers often will outsource the windshield repair to a local auto glass shop.  The advantage is that the dealer may make a good choice of a shop to get a quality repair done, but the downside is that the Dealer will typically add a mark up to the repair and you will probably end up spending more than if you had gone directly to a local repair shop.

The Case for Local Auto Glass Specialists

While dealerships are a solid option, local auto glass repair shops like Lucky Dog Glass offer compelling benefits:

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: We often provide more affordable options than dealerships. Our relationships with multiple suppliers allow us to offer competitive pricing on both OEM and aftermarket glass. 
  2. Personalized Service: At Lucky Dog Glass, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service. You’re not just another repair ticket; you’re a valued client, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.
  3. Convenience: We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer quick, efficient service and can sometimes even provide same-day repairs. Plus, we’re right here in your community, which saves you a trip to the dealership.
  4. Trust and Transparency: As a local business, our reputation hinges on trust and transparency. We provide upfront pricing, detailed explanations of the repair options, and stand by the quality of our work.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding where to get your windshield replaced involves weighing factors like cost, convenience, type of glass required, and whether your vehicle is under warranty. Here at Lucky Dog Glass, we believe in offering a local, professional service you can trust. We invite you to visit our shop or give us a call, so we can help you navigate your options and find the best solution for your specific needs and budget.

Remember, driving with a cracked or improperly installed windshield can be dangerous. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about safety—for you and everyone else on the road. Whether you choose a dealership or Lucky Dog Glass, make sure to address windshield damage as soon as possible.

Trust Local, Choose Lucky Dog Glass

In the end, where you decide to get your windshield replaced might come down to personal preference and circumstances. If you value straightforward, cost-effective, and trustworthy service, consider Lucky Dog Glass. We’re here to ensure your vehicle is safe and sound with the best possible materials at the best possible price.

Feel free to call us to discuss your auto glass needs. Remember, we’re the local professionals you can trust!

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