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For auto glass replacement in Covington, Lucky Dog Auto Glass has you covered. With a passion for auto glass and a dedication to customer service, we are the number one choice for auto glass repairs and replacement in Kent and the surrounding areas. We focus on bringing a quality service to the customers in our service area, from fixing stone chips to completely replacing glass.

Worried about the environmental impact of auto glass replacement in Covington? We are too! That’s why we repair windshields whenever possible. If you have chips and dings in your glass and think it needs replacement, let us take a look. If the nick is smaller than a quarter, we can fix it. Usually the repair is barely noticeable. Repairing instead of replacing keeps your windshield out of the landfill and saves you money.

It’s not always possible to repair a large crack in glass. That’s when it’s necessary to bring your vehicle in for car glass replacement from Covington. Our talented employees work hard to make sure that your auto glass replacement has a perfect seal. Although that may take a few extra minutes, it is critical to complete the installation properly. An incorrectly placed windshield can pop out at any time, including during a collision or roll over. Having a correctly set windshield ensures that the glass will stay in place and uphold the structural integrity of the vehicle.

In addition to windshield repairs and replacement, we can also install a new side window. If your car has been broken into or there’s another issue with your door glass, bring it to us. We can properly put in a new car door window and ensure it works properly. Our glass specialists are trained and keep your security and safety in mind at all times. We will make sure your new side window is installed correctly and you’re back on the road! Contact us today for a free estimate; call (253) 569-9403.

Great Customer Service = A Happy Customer

When your windshield cracks, you want to be sure that you get the very best windshield replacement company possible. At Lucky Dog Auto Glass we have perfected the art of auto glass replacement while maintaining our commitment to your safety. The final result is a safe, quality auto glass replacement at the best price possible.

The time it take to replace a windshield varies per job. Based on AGRSS, industry safety standards, we strongly recommend waiting the hour just after the new windshield has been installed before driving the vehicle. While everything may appear great from the outside, it’s important that the urethane is given adequate time to harden. This curing process is actually what bonds the new auto glass to the vehicle insuring a good seal that will keep out wind noise, weather, and most important, keep you in the vehicle if the air bag deploys.

This is the approach that our business is built on. All of our installers are NGA accredited, Sika trained and strictly follow the AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard). We make use of the finest quality urethanes (glue that keeps your windshield in place) and windshields on the market. Your safety and security and satisfaction are our top priority!

Our glass specialists are always prepared for your phone call and are happy to address your questions.

When repair isn’t an option we gladly offer replacements for any part of glass in your car. We work with and are approved by all insurance providers.

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We will come to your home/office and pick up your car to allow us to give you the high quality auto glass service that we can offer in our shop. Don’t accept mobile service when you can get the highest quality service in our shop with the convenience of vehicle pick up. Some exclusions may apply-please call for details

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