6 Questions You Should Ask an Auto Glass Installer

6 Questions You Should Ask

an Auto Glass Installer

Your windshield does more than just shield you from the weather; it plays a crucial role in safeguarding your vehicle’s structural integrity by preventing roof collapse during rollovers or collisions, enhancing body rigidity, aiding airbag deployment, and distributing impact forces across the frame. 

Considering the important role it plays, selecting a reputable windshield replacement installer is essential. Here are six key questions you should ask to make an informed decision when choosing an auto glass company to replace your windshield. 

1. Are your technicians trained and certified to install windshields? 

When researching auto glass companies, this is one of the first questions you should ask. Find out how long their technicians have been on the job, what kind of training they’ve received, and whether they hold certifications from an independent certification organization. Has the company invested in its technicians’ education, including certification from adhesive (or glue) manufacturers like SIKA? Do the technicians receive on-the-job training and opportunities for continuing education?

2. Do all the materials you use meet or exceed the standards set by ANSI Z 26.1 and all relevant Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards? 

The ANSI Z 26.1 standard is intended to reduce injuries to drivers and passengers resulting from glass surface impacts, ensuring necessary transparency in motor vehicle windows for driver visibility, and minimizing the risk of occupants being ejected through windows during collisions. 

This standard is more than a set of recommendations; it establishes government-mandated guidelines for the production of glazing materials used in vehicles, such as laminated windshields and side windows. To adhere to federal guidelines, glass materials must be able to pass specific glazing tests that assess visibility as well as their ability to withstand various impacts and stress. This ensures that you, as a driver or passenger, are better protected on the road. 

3. Have your technicians received training on the adhesives you use?

Adhesives are used to secure your replacement windshield in place after it’s been installed. Most adhesive manufacturers advocate for technicians to be certified with their products to ensure they’re used safely and accurately. For example, some adhesives can only be used within a specific temperature range. Outdoor temperatures can also affect the way an adhesive cures and the installation process, as well as how soon you can safely drive after installation.  

Adhesive manufacturers frequently offer specialized training sessions that allow technicians to become certified; in some cases, they may even offer classes at the auto glass company to allow all technicians to participate. Adhesive certifications give you additional peace of mind that your windshield will be installed correctly. 

4. What kind of warranty do you offer? 

Many glass companies offer some form of guarantee or warranty for their work. A warranty provides assurance that the automotive glass replacement is executed correctly, and if issues arise, like water or air leaks, the company will take steps to resolve them. 

5. How soon after my glass is replaced can I safely drive my vehicle? 

Ask the company about the minimum safe drive-away time for your vehicle, which is the time needed for the adhesive used in the installation to fully cure. If the adhesive doesn’t cure properly, it can cause the windshield to dislodge during a collision. 

The minimum drive-away time will depend on the type of adhesive the technician used; some adhesives cure in as little as 30 minutes, while others take several hours. Outdoor temperatures, humidity, and other conditions may also need to be factored in, however, technicians who are certified by the adhesive manufacturer will know how to determine the optimal safe drive-away time for your vehicle. Be cautious of windshield replacement companies that claim you can drive immediately after installation. 

6. Do you have the equipment to properly calibrate my ADAS sensors?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and collision alerts, are found in the majority of newer vehicles. ADAS relies on sensors and cameras located around the vehicle, including the windshield. These sensors are responsible for helping your vehicle respond to its surroundings. They’re highly sensitive, and even a slight misalignment (as small as a fraction of a degree) can cause the system to receive inaccurate information that could put your safety at risk. 

Anytime there’s a change in the vehicle’s centerline (including windshield replacement or wheel alignments), the ADAS system needs to be recalibrated. Calibration essentially tells the sensors where to look and where they’re positioned in relation to the vehicle. There are two forms of calibration: static and dynamic. Some vehicles have either static or dynamic calibration; others use both. Although there are mobile units that offer ADAS static calibrations, they’re unreliable. Look for a shop that offers in-house static calibrations at their shop.

It’s essential that the shop you’re working with has the right equipment for ADAS calibration because it ensures that your sensors are precisely calibrated and comply with the manufacturer’s standards. All your ADAS safety features will work exactly as they did when the system was calibrated at the factory. 

For High-Quality Windshield Installations, Contact Lucky Dog Auto Glass

Your safety on the road depends not only on a quality windshield but also on its proper installation. If you’ve been searching for a reputable company to replace your windshield, contact Lucky Dog Auto Glass! 

We go above and beyond to adhere to AGRSS safety standards for windshield repair and replacement. Our technicians are extensively trained and certified with glazing manufacturers like SIKA, and we offer a lifetime warranty on windshield replacement. We also provide static ADAS calibrations in our shop to ensure they’re performed properly. 

When you choose Lucky Dog Auto Glass, you’re choosing a team devoted to safety, expertise, precision, and overall customer satisfaction. Contact us today at (253) 569-9403 or request an appointment online. 

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