4 Ways to Prevent Car Break-Ins

Nothing can completely prevent a car break-in. Unfortunately, a person can break a window, vandalize the outside of your car, or cause other havoc to your vehicle regardless of the actions you take. However, there are 4 key ways to make your car less appealing to a thief.

  1. 1. Be sure to always lock your doors and close all the windows. Don’t make it easier for a burglar to get into your vehicle, so be sure to double check your vehicle when you park it.
  2. 2. Park in a well-lit area. This is not only safer for your vehicle – it’s safer for you! If it is after dark or your car will be in the area after dark, try your best to find a spot that is well-lit. It’s ideal to park in a well trafficked area where people can clearly see if someone is rummaging through your vehicle. For example, under a streetlamp or near an open storefront.
  3. 3. Remember to activate your alarm system. If you have a security system on your vehicle, either standard or after market, be sure to turn it on when you leave the car, even for a short period.
  4. 4. Do not leave your purse, laptop case, or briefcase in your car. These can attract thieves for smash and grab style job. Also, don’t move your valuables into your trunk when you get to your destination. A thief may observe you hiding your purse or other valuables and target your vehicle for a break in. Put all valuables in the trunk before your drive to your destination.

Follow these tips to protect your car and valuables. While nothing can completely prevent a break in, these steps can help make your car look less attractive to potential thieves. If a break in does happen, get your glass fixed as soon as possible to detract further vandalism. Lucky Dog Auto Glass helps car owners fix their windshield, back window, or car door glass after a break in. If you need help with your auto glass, call us today.

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