Tips You Need to Know When Shipping Your Vehicle in Seattle

Are you shipping your vehicle via the Port of Seattle? Many people choose to ship their vehicles when moving. For example, people moving from Seattle to Alaska commonly ship their vehicles. Many people also find when moving to Northern or Southern California that shipping their vehicle is the best choice for transport. There are different methods of shipping, such as paying for an individual shipping container. This is an extremely expensive option that is generally reserved for exotic cars.

The most common shipping method is called roll-on/roll-off, or RORO. This is for vehicles that can be driven or rolled on and off the ship. Your car must be in drivable condition, otherwise you will incur a fee to have it towed onto the ship. There is less protection with RORO than a shipping container, but it is significantly cheaper. When shipping your vehicle roll-on/roll-off, it will be exposed to the weather, including rain, hail, and wind. For this reason, the Port of Seattle will not accept vehicles to ship that have a broken windshield. This is to protect them from liability issues and to protect your vehicle from damage.

Shipping your Vehicle

If you are planning on shipping your vehicle via the Port of Seattle, but it has broken auto glass, it will need to be fixed before boarding the boat. Whether it’s a cracked windshield or a broken window, Lucky Dog Auto Glass can help! We will repair or replace your windshield to ensure it has a perfect seal, which protects your vehicle interior from the weather. An imperfect seal or a crack in glass can lead to damage inside, such as mold. Protect your vehicle and make sure it is safe to ship by bringing it to our auto glass shop!

Is it better to go to a shop for windshield replacement?

Yes, it is better to go to a shop for windshield replacement. Why do we encourage all our customers to visit an auto glass shop for their windshield replacement? To protect themselves! For your safety and the safety of the passengers in your car, always take your vehicle to a specialized auto glass shop when you need windshield replacement. While mobile windshield replacement services are convenient, improper repairs in the field can lead to shoddy workmanship and dangerous results.


For example, if the auto glass technicians at Lucky Dog remove a windshield and find rust, we fix the damage. The existing rust is grinded down to bare metal, treated with acid that converts the metal to a removable substance, then a chemical is used that burns off surface contaminants and surface agents. Any contaminant from the process is burned off. Then we use a primer that is carbon-based, like our adhesive, that protects the metal from rust and gives a surface to bond the glass to the vehicle. That’s quite a process!

If the metal isn’t treated properly, it could be exposed. Exposed bare metal oxidizes and rusts. For the process to be completed properly, it takes time. We do one step, wait for it to be completed, and then come back to the treatment. Unfortunately, mobile auto glass replacement services can’t offer the same service because of the time and space it requires. In the field, the work is completed quickly, and mobile windshield installers do not have the space to keep a vehicle for hours or overnight.  That means that this process is not done correctly, compromising the safety of the vehicle and the quality of the installation.

Our shop has the equipment, time, and space necessary to complete auto glass repairs and installation properly. Without those valuable resources, mobile windshield replacement is an inferior option.


If and when something goes wrong with your mobile windshield installation, will the company who installed your windshield be accountable? Our shop is open, you can call our business phone number, and you can come in during business hours. We are present and available to hear any questions or concerns. A mobile installer with a truck can just block your number. How will you reach them to repair their shoddy work? Time and time again we hear this story from customers who relied on a mobile service for windshield installation.

There are many reasons that it is better to go to a shop for windshield replacement. One of the most apparent issues isn’t necessarily unique to mobile services, but the industry itself. Believe it or not, the auto glass industry isn’t regulated, meaning that any random person with a truck can start their own mobile-glass repair business. All they have to do is pay the state of California a yearly fee of $200 and voila, they are now a state-registered installer. 

When you come to Lucky Dog Auto Glass, you are entrusting your car to a team that has years of experience and a focus on completing the job correctly. We are accountable for our work and always happy to answer any questions you may have. When you need a windshield replacement completed right the first time, come see the experts.

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